What Guests Are Saying

  • I had a terrific time with Kurt Jaros for his Veracity Hill podcast. Great questions about faith, grace, kingship, and the pragmatics of allegiance. Thanks, Kurt.

    Matthew Bates
    Matthew Bates
  • I’ll tell you what, Kurt. Very refreshing show because typically it’s one or the other. We’re either talking all about my faith or we’re talking about business. This is great. Hats off to you and all the guys in the studio for putting this thing together.

    Frank McKinney
    Frank McKinneyReal Estate Mogul and Best Selling Author

What Listeners Are Saying

  • “I appreciate this podcast because it dumbs the topics down for me and uses the bare bones of my mental capabilities. It’s great to hear dialogue with people using logic and facts and not emotional responses or interpretations.”
    Phil, 27
  • Veracity Hill is one of my favorite shows on the big ideas of religion, philosophy and ethics. In an era of tremendous incivility and shallow thought, Kurt Jaros thoughtfully and graciously addresses a variety of questions and issues. Each episode sparks robust thinking about how our beliefs are formed. If you desire deeper faith and understanding and an ability to dialogue winsomely with others, subscribe to Veracity Hill, and consider becoming a donor.

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